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From Reshet Prizmah

For many schools, the most rewarding benefit of Prizmah membership is access to Prizmah’s more than 20 Reshet networking groups. By connecting to our forums, you will gain access to the wisdom, expertise, and support of thousands of Jewish day school colleagues. Discuss opportunities for growth, celebrate successes, and brainstorm solutions to challenging scenarios common among day schools. Check out some recent conversations from the various Reshet groups:
  • “Boards support the head of school primarily by raising money, leaving the operations—educational, recruiting and fiscal—to the professionals. Lay leaders cross this line at the peril of the school’s ability to function. And this discussion has become ubiquitous for very good reason.” Read more of this fantastic article about Board-Head of School Collaboration here.
  • Who are the “Directors of Jewish Life” or other faculty members (Rav Beit Sefer?) in community schools who oversee Jewish life in the school without curricular or supervisory responsibilities that I might be able to speak with to learn about your portfolios?
  • If you fall into a small school size as well, how many people and hours do you staff in your development office?
  • A K-8 principal is wondering whether offering Tefillah at a time other than first period of the day has been successful for other schools.
  • What kinds of frameworks are you using as part of innovation and growth in your school’s teaching & learning?
  • How do you orient new staff members to the Jewish Community Day School? Are there any books, videos, or speakers you would recommend?
Interested in learning more about Reshet Prizmah and participating in conversations like these?  Lay and professional leaders of Prizmah member schools are invited to join one of Prizmah’s 20 networking groups. Click here to learn more.