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  • 9 Tips for Using Social Media to Share Your School's Story

    Andrea Hernandez

    In Telling the Story of Your School, I shared the idea that everyone plays a role in creating the mosaic that is the story of a school. This multimedia mosaic unfolds over time and in a variety of ways. Authenticity and transparent sharing is more vital than a strict, targeted social media strategy. Harnessing social media as […]

  • JDS Stories: Prizmah Staff’s Recipe for a Successful Start of the School Year


    Prizmah staff are excited to begin another school year supporting all areas of your school. Here are a few ideas to share from our team to yours. Get to know each student deeply and help teachers see themselves as learners. Envision what you want to be true about your school and intentionally work to get […]

  • From the CEO: Joining

    Paul Bernstein

    We have been delighted as we prepare for the start of the school year to welcome many schools as members of Prizmah. Our goal is to maximize participation among schools as members.  As we reach out to achieve this, I have been reflecting on what it actually means to join something or to sign up […]

  • What Will You Do NOW?!

    Pearl Kane

    It is believed that adult learners lose most of what they learn during short time periods, like a conference, within 90 days of the learning experience. You don’t have much time left to forget what you learned at our July GFA Conference!! I’d like to give our conference learning a fighting chance for increased longevity by helping […]

  • Show and Tell...and Kvell: What I learned in grammar school is true - sharing is a good thing!

    Francine Shron

    Show and Tell…and or one’s Jewish day school… In our social media age, sharing successes and other details of our lives with friends, families, colleagues, and … even complete strangers, is commonplace. FB posts, Instagram pictures, and tweets with clever hashtags pervade our online world on a daily basis. I would even venture to say, […]

  • GFA Next Steps: Commit to Take Action

    Andrea Hernandez

    As an “exit ticket” GFA participant schools shared their action steps, what they commit to doing in the next 30 days.

  • Endowment: Are You Ready to Elevate the Conversation?

    Andrea Hernandez

    Margo Newman, Director of Development from Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School spoke to GFA participants about her experience in Prizmah’s Generations Program Margo shared that that as a one-woman development shop, she was overwhelmed with how much there was to do each day. She could personally relate to her iphone when it alerted her: “Storage […]

  • Are Jewish Day Schools the Libraries of the Future?

    Eric Phelps

    In making the “case” for day schools it has been suggested that their very existence in a Jewish community is a sign of its vitality. Others have reminded us that we are “people of the book” dedicated wholly to educating our children and instilling in them Jewish values. But in the face of this we […]

  • How Did it Go? Assessing Your Annual Campaign

    Andrea Hernandez

    Pearl Kane spoke about drilling down and evaluating various aspects of the annual campaign in order to assess overall success. One thing she shared was the initial questions that should be considered.

  • Board Chairs, Do You Want to Find Your Successor?

    Andrea Hernandez

    By GFA Coach Nanette Fridman, Cross-Posted from her blog Today I am at a conference with 16 schools. I met this afternoon with the board chairs who are present to facilitate a break out session. While the discussion had guiding questions, the one topic everyone wanted to talk about was succession. How are they ever […]

  • Fundraising is a Team Sport: Engaging Your Board Members

    Andrea Hernandez

    GFA St. Louis Keynote Speaker Kay Sprinkel Grace: The AAA Way to Fundraising Success: Building Capacity For Successful Fundraising Through Teamwork When Kay speaks to board members they often say, “I joined this board because I’m passionate about the organization, but they never ask me to do anything.”To engage the board members, you need to be […]

  • Prizmah Reshet Update


    From Reshet Prizmah For many schools, the most rewarding benefit of Prizmah membership is access to Prizmah’s more than 20 Reshet networking groups. By connecting to our forums, you will gain access to the wisdom, expertise, and support of thousands of Jewish day school colleagues. Discuss opportunities for growth, celebrate successes, and brainstorm solutions to challenging scenarios common among day […]

  • From Our CEO: On Reflection

    Paul Bernstein

    When Prizmah’s founders considered names for our now year-old start-up, they made sure, like any parent, that the name would embody characteristics they would like to see the organization grow to represent.  A prism has many attributes, and the name lends itself to metaphors about vision, light, and diversity of color, among others.  We mostly […]

  • Ask the Expert: Summer Reflections


    I know summer is a good time to step back and reflect, but I am so busy, and I just don’t have the time. Can you help?  Reflection is a tool we use to make meaning out of our experiences. When we can step back and think about our practice, we afford ourselves the opportunity […]

  • JDS Stories: When Leaders Reflect...


    Busy day school professionals, like almost everyone these days, often need to carve out time for reflection. Whether it is a few moments of thought during a daily commute or through a more formal experience like a conference, time spent reviewing and thinking, alone or with key partners, can yield enormous benefit. Leaders to Leaders, […]