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  • Upper School Students Learn About Gift of Life Marrow Registry

    Guest Voices

    Three donors and a stem cell transplant recipient speak about curing cancer by Rabbi Yigal Sklarin, 12th Grade Dean, Ramaz Upper School As the 12th Grade Dean at Ramaz Upper School in New York City, I had the privilege on April 24, 2018 of leading a Gift of Life Marrow Registry Senior Swab presentation to the […]

  • Why 1:1 Mentoring Matters

    Rebecca Berger

    The 1:1 Mentoring component of Summit Learning supports Habits of Success, a key outcome of the Summit Learning Program (SLP). The meetings are the most personalized aspect of SLP: Every student has a set time that is exclusively his or hers for meeting with a teacher weekly. The intent is for a teacher to mentor a student […]

  • Innovation Is... An Interview with Dr. Sarah Levy

    Andrea Hernandez

    Dr. Sarah Levy has been involved in the field of Jewish Education since 2002, working in the areas of supplemental education, day school education, adult education, and experiential education. She holds a M.A. in Jewish Education from Hebrew College, a doctorate in education from Northwestern University, and certificates in advanced Jewish studies, day school education, and Jewish educational leadership. She is currently the director of Jewish life and learning for Denver […]

  • The Impact of a Conference

    Guest Voices

    by Elliott Rabin Last week, I had the luxury and privilege of spending a couple of days with some 60 educators, administrators and professors at a remarkable conference on Jewish day school education, hosted by the Mandel Center at Brandeis. Many things about the conference felt fresh, even pathbreaking to me. The focus entirely on day […]

  • From our CEO: Crystal Ball

    Paul Bernstein

    There is no crystal ball. Despite the best efforts of the most ambitious and talented planners and forecasters, no one can truly tell what the future will bring. Schools everywhere right now have two important priorities: how to end this school year on a high, and how to be ready for next year. As we […]

  • How Technology has Enhanced our Scope of Learning

    Temple Beth Sholom Innovative School

    by Rachel Allen, Kindergarten Educator Having technology such as the ALT platform has allowed us to implement skills and strategies for the students to grow their sense of agency, that we may have missed had we not introduced this element. Within an experience, learners are asked to reflect on their work and consider all they […]

  • Creative Tensions Around Pluralism

    Guest Voices

    by Rabbi Judd Kruger Levingston, Ph.D. “Rabbi Lev, how come we have to go to Shaharit services?  It’s a pluralistic day school!” “Rabbi Lev, why can girls wear leggings, but the boys have to wear khakis?  It’s a pluralistic school!” “Why do boys have to wear a kippa in Jewish studies classes?  Can’t it be […]

  • The Importance of Hebrew Literacy

    Guest Voices

    by Rav-Hazzan Scott M. Sokol, PhD I’ve spent the last two days immersed with colleagues from academia and the Jewish day school world at a unique conference titled “Inside Jewish Day Schools.” My own background is as an academic who now finds himself Head of School of a Jewish day school (MetroWest Jewish Day School […]

  • Reflections on Day One of Inside Jewish Day Schools: A Conference on Teaching and Learning

    Guest Voices

    By Dr. Sarah Levy Sitting next to Jon Levisohn, a co-chair of the conference and the director of the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education, we commented after the first roundtable, a session called “Embracing Diversity, Teaching Equity: Race and Ethnicity in Jewish Day School,” that it seemed as if […]

  • Habits of Success

    Noah Kalter

    Habits of Success, an overarching element of Summit Learning, is (in my opinion) the glue that keeps the puzzle (below) intact. The Habits of Success are the ‘non-cognitive skills’ that we exhibit on a daily basis; they include the attitudes, behaviors and dispositions that we invoke to drive our individual successes. Learning, practicing and polishing these […]

  • Innovation Is...An Interview with Joan Freedman

    Andrea Hernandez

    Welcome to this interview with Joan Freedman, Director of Curriculum at Hillel Day School of Metropolitan Detroit.  Joan has worked as a Jewish educator since 1981, serving  various roles in day schools, synagogues, and the Jewish community institutions. Her guiding belief is that everyone has gifts, and it is the job of the educator to unlock […]

  • Student Insights About Dress Code

    Guest Voices

      By Bethany Strulowitz Gathered around a pristine lake in the Poconos last summer, far away from the noise of late bells and midterm exams, I sat with a group of female high school students representing diverse Orthodox Jewish high schools all across the country. These girls are more than just fun-loving campers to me; […]

  • For Yom HaAtzma'ut: Israel Music

    Elliott Rabin

    Music often lies at the heart of a culture, nowhere more so than in Israel. We often speak of “Israeli music,” but in truth there are many varieties of Israeli music: songs of the Jews who lived in Israel for centuries before Zionism; music representing the different waves of aliyah; liturgical and communal treasures brought […]

  • For Yom HaShoah: Remembering Max Ehrlich

    Elliott Rabin

    How do we process the enormity of the Shoah, at least for the one day a year that we dedicate to commemorating the event together? There are of course many ways to answer this question; much depends on a person’s interests and time. We can speak to a survivor or see recorded testimony, read a book, […]

  • Understanding Summit and its Benefits

    Erica Rubin

    Now that we are almost through the school year,  I have had sufficient time to truly absorb summit and understand how it works, and have realized the benefits of the platform. My initial skepticism of the summit program has slowly faded, and admittedly, I am now convinced that Summit has many great positives, and truly […]