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  • The Human Body as Inspiration for Working in Sync

    Elana Alfred

    Considering I never went to medical school, or even remotely close to that, I know far more about the human body and how our systems cross-function than I ever thought I would know, or even want to know. My husband has cystic fibrosis, so over the past decade of knowing him, I have learned a […]

  • This I Believe About School Innovation

    Andrea Hernandez

    I have struggled for a long while with the term “innovation” as relates to schools. I feel that the term itself is fraught with potential for misunderstanding and talking at cross purposes. Instead of continuing to avoid using the term innovation, I’ve decided to embrace it by using this blog to thoroughly explore school innovation. […]

  • Coping with Boredom in Synagogue

    Elliott Rabin

    Yom Kippur I have come to find an increasingly uplifting experience. The melodies and singing in my synagogue lift me like eagle’s wings. I look forward each year to exploring the piyyutim and various sections of the liturgy in greater depth; and for those moments when I may feel less inspired, I bring a book […]

  • Inspiring Parent Loyalty 101

    Donna Von Samek

    Do you consider yourself a loyal person? As a marketer, I’m fascinated by the concept of loyalty. Where does it come from? Why is it so elusive that companies have entire departments dedicated to its cultivation? How do schools, organizations, and institutions nurture it? How do they inhibit it? A few months ago, I crossed […]

  • Sukkah Structure Sundae: A Model of 21st Century Family Engagement

    Guest Voices

    This post first published on eJewishPhilanthropy. By Dr. Sarah Levy and Elana Shapiro While Jewish day school education has been proven to have significant impact on its students, study after study also shows the impact of students’ home life. What we teach at school is only as meaningful as what is reinforced at the home. […]

  • No News is Not Always Good News

    Andrea Hernandez

    As Rosh Hashanah begins this evening, I thought it might be appropriate to share some personal musings. I think often of this quote from Maya Angelou: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou Sometimes though, […]

  • Cloud, Sand, Knot? Finding the Right Metaphor on the High Holidays

    Elliott Rabin

    Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are the holidays of literary tropes. We invoke blessings for the new year by eating symbolic foods (simanim) associated with good outcomes through qualities of the food (sweetness, seeds) or wordplay: After eating LEEK or CABBAGE, say: “May it be Your will, God, that our enemies be CUT OFF.” After […]

  • JDS Story: Epstein Hillel School


    North of Boston, in the seaside town of Marblehead, Massachusetts, Epstein Hillel School (formerly Cohen Hillel Academy) has experienced a transformation that permeates every aspect of the school. The recent $5 million gift that resulted in the school’s renaming is only one indicator of this tremendous turnaround. How has the 60-plus-year-old community school turned the […]

  • From the CEO: Prizmah

    Paul Bernstein

    Prizmah exists because of the extraordinary power of Jewish day schools. In all their beautiful diversity, they are uniformly sacred places. Those who work there are engaged in holy service. Every day, in a kindergarten classroom, on the soccer field, in a high school science lab, around a board table, in the carpool line, teachers, […]

  • Amy's Gleanings

    Amy Wasser

    So often we bookmark interesting articles, new sites and books we want to read with the great intention of going back and actually reading them. Then life gets in the way and we forget.  I am making a point of sending myself emails with the links and planning a specific time to read them.  And, […]

  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles

    Melanie Eisen

    This is one of my busiest times of the year. I am honored to visit and spend time with teachers and school leaders from all over the country. I have spent time in the last 3 weeks in my car, on a train, in an airplane or at an airport. I have come away with […]

  • Watch another TedTalk...

    Yoni Yares

    My name is Yoni Yares and I am addicted to TedTalks. As a Marketing/Communications professional, I spend much of my time in front of a computer coming up with ways to engage someone and analyzing the behaviors of the people who receive our emails. Often time a brick wall will come in terms of a […]

  • 10 Ways to Build Trust in a Virtual Networking Space

    Debra Shaffer Seeman

    You’ve got a group of geographically dispersed folks who won’t be in the same place anytime soon. You understand that building trust is the foundation of building an action-oriented community, but how in the world do you do that? Here are some tried and true strategies to get you started. Tell them who’s in the […]

  • 9 Tips for Using Social Media to Share Your School's Story

    Andrea Hernandez

    In Telling the Story of Your School, I shared the idea that everyone plays a role in creating the mosaic that is the story of a school. This multimedia mosaic unfolds over time and in a variety of ways. Authenticity and transparent sharing is more vital than a strict, targeted social media strategy. Harnessing social media as […]

  • JDS Stories: Prizmah Staff’s Recipe for a Successful Start of the School Year


    Prizmah staff are excited to begin another school year supporting all areas of your school. Here are a few ideas to share from our team to yours. Get to know each student deeply and help teachers see themselves as learners. Envision what you want to be true about your school and intentionally work to get […]