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  • What You Can Do When Stressed?

    Yoni Yares

    By Jill Kessler In my last blog post I described a true scenario that caused a great deal of stress.  Some days in the headship are harder than others.  I remember a statement one of the facilitators said when working with the group I was in at The Art of Leadership, at The Principals’ Center […]

  • Will The Roller Coaster Ever Stop?

    Yoni Yares

    By Jill Kessler You’ve checked your schedule from home and know your day is jam-packed.  Back to back meetings and a coffee with parents give you scant time to accomplish much else.  You pull into your parking spot and as you are getting out of your car, one of your teacher’s approaches you upset about […]

  • Telling the Story of Your School

    Andrea Hernandez

    Storytelling. It’s a big idea. The theme of the 2017 Prizmah Conference was “The Power of Story” because stories are meaningful. Stories captivate our attention, play to our emotions. Stories are how we understand ourselves; the characters, the settings, the twists of plot to which we are connected. As educators, storytelling is part of our […]

  • JDS Stories: Portraits of Authentic Leadership

    Guest Voices

    This month, Prizmah spoke with four Heads of School, from different schools and diverse backgrounds, in order to explore the concept of “authenticity” in leadership. Knowing that the most successful leaders are those who embrace their unique skills and strengths, we asked these Heads of School to reflect on their path to leadership, what they […]

  • Ask the Expert- June 2017 Newsletter

    Guest Voices

    Ask the Expert Knowing how much wisdom comes from peers, we asked Reshet Head of School members to answer this month’s question:  What do you know now that you wish you knew in your first year? ________ I wish I had known that although many things require swift action, there are also many things that […]

  • Authentic Leadership

    Jane Taubenfeld Cohen

    Our work at Prizmah connects us to leaders from all kinds of schools across North America. We know that our schools have a lot in common, and we also know that each school is unique and special for its students, teachers, and families. When we are asked, “What makes a great Head of School?” the […]

  • My First Day at Prizmah

    Elissa Maier

    Today is your day. You’re off to great places! You’re off and away! You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.  I can’t help but think about this quote as I begin my journey with Prizmah. My Jewish day school journey began with […]

  • Using Ed Tech to Create Jewish Ambassadors

    Andrea Hernandez

    In March of this year, the Jim Joseph Foundation together with the William Davidson Foundation, shared Smart Money: Recommendations for an Educational Technology and Digital Investment Strategy. The report is extremely comprehensive and considers the entire spectrum of Jewish learning as relates to educational technology. It provides recommendations for funders and compiles an overview of the current ed […]

  • Building Community One Ladle at a Time

    Melanie Eisen

    I recently had the opportunity to participate in a DC Soup meet up. I read about DC Soup in a Washington Post article in April. The idea is to bring local educators together with community members and supporters of teachers for an evening of sharing and funding. The admission price is $10 plus either soup, […]

  • Trifurcation: Three Paths Forward From "Innovation Alley"

    Jon Mitzmacher

    As I linger one last time in Innovation Alley, permit me the opportunity to bookend this blog post with a few, brief personal thoughts… What a blessing these last four crazy years of professional life has been for me!  Truly.  From a headship I treasured at the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School, to an executive directorship […]

  • From the CEO: Focus on Parents

    Paul Bernstein

    While many people attribute the pervasiveness of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day each year to Hallmark’s marketing budget, I take a longer view and see these days as linked to the fifth commandment, “Honor your father and your mother.” Jewish tradition demands honor and respect to parents year-round; for two days this time of year, […]

  • JDS Stories: Putting Parents to Work for Your School- Denver Jewish Day School Revamps Parent Ambassador Program

    Donna Von Samek

    One of the more common roles parents play in Jewish day schools, either informally or “officially,” is as ambassadors to the prospective families.  Shayna Friedman, Director of Admission at Denver Jewish Day School, recently shared their school’s experience with parent ambassadors and how Atidenu helped them rethink their model, resulting in healthier recruitment and retention. […]

  • Good Kids

    Amy Wasser

    I just read an article from Curious Mind Magazine about what parents need to do to raise “good” kids. The experts quoted are psychologists from Harvard University and state five relatively simple goals that will help solidify the parent/child relationship. I immediately thought if schools are partners with the home, then similar actions need […]

  • So Lonely

    Shira Heller

    I remember when I was a new mom. My husband had returned to work, and I spent all of my time with this relentlessly demanding (lovable!) little baby. He never slept, so we were together all the time. Never in my life did I have less time to myself. And never in my life have […]

  • Let’s stop saying “lazy.”

    Shira Heller

    About 13 years ago, I had a student in my 7th grade English class I characterized as lazy. On the rare occasions he contributed to class, he was remarkably articulate, mature, and insightful. But he seldom did homework, his exam grades left a lot to be desired, and since he didn’t do assigned reading, he […]