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  • From Our CEO: Gam Ani

    Paul Bernstein

    I have been thinking about the future we expect for our children and what we anticipate their future will be like in light of the recent and pervasive accounts of sexual harassment throughout society. How can we, shapers of the Jewish future, prepare them for such an imperfect future? In the Jewish day school world, […]

  • Inclusion Can Work at Jewish Day Schools

    Guest Voices

    by Lianne Heller Sitting across from me is a mother with tears welling in her eyes. Her son, Max, is struggling to keep up in school. He is in third grade and has recently been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and anxiety. His teachers are saying he is falling behind in math and Hebrew. […]

  • Treading a New Path


    “This makes no sense.”  “I can’t find that page.”  ” I don’t learn this way.”  “I don’t know how to teach myself.”    Students starting the 2017-18 school year objected vocally when they first encountered Summit Learning. Teachers were less blunt in their comments, but they, too, had many questions as we embarked on this […]

  • What Every Jewish Day School Needs to Know About 529 Plans


    By Dan Perla While 529 plans have historically been used by many middle and upper income families to save for and fund their children’s college education, recent changes to the federal tax code now enable parents of K-12 students to use new and existing 529 plans to help pay for private school  tuition. This could […]

  • 10 Strategies for Recruitment and Retention

    Elana Alfred

    The purpose of my job at Prizmah and that of my colleagues is to support, help, and guide Jewish day schools however we can. Ironically, in all of my partnerships with schools, it is I who have learned so much from them, especially pertaining to recruitment and retention. Growing enrollment is not one-size-fits-all, but I […]

  • Developing Development Professionals


    I’ve always thought it a bit peculiar that the professional term for fundraising is “development.” So, I looked it up in the dictionary and found, among various definitions, this one: the process of growth. I then felt compelled to see what “growth” had to offer – and that was described as the process of increasing […]

  • Adaptive Technology Design Challenge at JCDS Boston

    Guest Voices

    By: Nadav, JCDS 7th grader As part of the Jewish Community Day School’s annual STEM Day we held an Adaptive Technology Design Challenge. First we met with Mohammad Sayed, who has been wheelchair-bound since his childhood in Afghanistan. He now lives in the U.S. and is doing his best to help other people in wheelchairs. […]

  • Trefa Banquet Revisited

    Elliott Rabin

    There is no event in American Jewish history more notorious, more iconic, than the Trefa Banquet (recently recreated in a TB 2.0). The story is usually told roughly as follows: For the first graduating class of rabbis at the Hebrew Union College, the first rabbinical seminary in the United States, the leaders of the nascent […]

  • Don't Dis My Ability

    Melanie Eisen

    In November, I had the tremendous opportunity to attend the Ruderman Inclusion Summit. This was my first time attending, and I was blown away by the number of attendees, the programs and the speakers. I had the honor of meeting with day school representatives and those who support inclusion in Jewish day schools across the […]

  • Jewish Studies vs. the Cult of the New

    Elliott Rabin

    In a larger sense, incessant novelty battled tradition and custom. “Newness and change themselves had become traditional in America,” writes William Leach, commenting on the “cult of the new,” which “readily subverted whatever custom, value, or folk idea came within its reach.” from Waste and Want: A Social History of Trash, by Susan Strasser There are many […]

  • Schechter Westchester Seniors Use Their Skills to MAKE Lives Better

    Guest Voices

    by Dr. Danny Aviv STEAM Director Schechter Westchester As a capstone to their four-year experience in our Engineering and Entrepreneurship (E2) program, our seniors hosted a Tikkun Olam Makeathon, in partnership with TOM Global. The students utilized the skills they have developed in design, engineering, product fabrication, collaboration, and creativity to improve the lives of […]

  • Innovation Is...An Interview with Diane Taub & Ilana Traub

    Andrea Hernandez

    For this interview, I spoke with Diane Taub, Technology Coordinator and Ilana Traub, Media and Technology Specialist at Lehrman Community Day School in Miami, Florida. Lehrman, a pluralistic day school in Miami Beach, serves 465 students from early childhood through 5th grade. I had heard that these two colleagues are so in sync with each […]

  • Schechter School Leaders Talked. I Listened

    Amy Wasser

    Listening is so important. In a world where there is so much chatter (both in-person and virtually) the learned skill of listening is crucial, especially in fields where we depend on building relationships. This past week I had the opportunity to take part in a Think Tank for heads of the Schechter Schools along with […]

  • Have You Asked Yourself These 8 Chanukah Questions Yet?

    Debra Shaffer Seeman

    What would it look like if Jewish educators had deeply personal Chanukah conversations over the next eight days?  Eight prompts based on some of our tradition’s powerful Chanukah lessons can be found below. This blog is written for school-based educators. Not based in a school? No worries. Just switch out the word “school” for your […]

  • From Our CEO: Lightning Rod

    Paul Bernstein

    Some days, I feel naked without a name badge. Jewish conferences come thick and fast in our calendars. It is inspiring to participate in the gathering of so many people who care so much about our Jewish communities and our Jewish future. As I represent the day school field (it says so on my name […]