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  • From Our CEO: Getting Beyond the Laughter

    Paul Bernstein

    We are deep into the “bitter” month of Cheshvan, the month with no holidays. Finally, after all the excitement, meaning and activity of the month of Tishrei, after the High Holidays and Sukkot, we are back to routine, and everyone seems relieved, or perhaps guiltily glad, for the sense of “normal.” Schools are places where […]

  • Moving Forward: Reflections on a Year of Summit Learning

    Yehuda Chanales

    Since so much of our goal in working with Summit Learning this year was about shifting teacher and students mindsets, I asked teachers and school leaders to reflect on how their own perspectives have changed over the course of the year. Each teacher’s brief reflection is followed by some commentary and background on how they […]

  • From Our CEO: Summer Update

    Paul Bernstein

    I recently spent an intense week in Israel with my Leading Edge CEO On-Boarding cohort.  Sitting in a café overlooking the walls of the Old City in a rare moment of quiet, I was struck by how, at least in Israel, some things never change (the vista of those ancient walls, for example) and yet […]

  • Summit Learning and Judaic Studies - Part 2

    Yehuda Chanales

    In my last post, I discussed the ways in which Summit Learning’s structures and outcomes align and suggest new (but old) ways to design Judaic learning in our schools. By using similar structures and systems in general and Judaic studies students can benefit from a more coherent experience where norms easily transfer from one class […]

  • What I'm Going to Miss About Summit

    Erica Rubin

    This school year has been one of both personal and professional tremendous growth, enrichment, new experiences, and a connectivity to my 5th grade curriculum that I truly never experienced as a teacher before. And, I can say that the same is most likely true for my now former 5th grade students.  I truly believe that […]

  • Students' Thoughts on Summit - a 5th Grader's Perspective

    Erica Rubin

    I thought for this post, it might be interesting to have my students ‘talk.” I can tell you that as their teacher, I know they LOVE Summit! They always were ready to work, and became masters at the platform. They loved the friendly competition and camaraderie that developed through the use of Summit – for […]

  • Summit Learning and Judaic Learning - Part 1

    Yehuda Chanales

    Using Summit Learning to Re-Think the Structure of Judaic Studies As I discussed in an earlier blog post, a large part of what drew our school and teacher to Summit Learning was the systematic, outcomes based approach it takes towards the structures for learning, teacher roles and student experience of school. It encouraged us to […]

  • A Rearview Mirror View: First Year Using Summit Learning

    Rebecca Berger

    The Bader Hillel High school year concluded with a day of students submitting final products and taking content assessments while working with a precarious wifi connection. After a year in which we jumped headfirst into a new learning program, our last day was a fitting bookend to match our first day. For BHH, a dual […]

  • Opening the Communication Door

    Temple Beth Sholom Innovative School

    In the first few years of schooling whether a child is not capable of remembering what they did at school or just doesn’t feel like passing out details when asked how their day at school was is a reality for many.  The AltSchool Platform has enabled us to give our families a meaningful look into our […]

  • The Scene from Summit

    Noah Kalter

    After completing our pilot year, it is evident that the Summit Learning platform has had a great impact on our students as well as on teaching and learning. In the coming weeks, I will have a chance to reflect more on the year, debrief with my colleagues and develop an improvement plan for the coming […]

  • It's More Than a Platform

    Temple Beth Sholom Innovative School

    As the school year came to a close, I was asked by our AltSchool’s Partner Success Lead to think about goals for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year. One of the many benefits of working with AltSchool is being part of a learning community. In addition to using the platform, I also meet on google hangouts […]

  • Reflections of a Seasoned Educator: Shifting Paradigms and Teacher Leadership

    Yehuda Chanales

    An Interview with Sixth Grade Team Leader, Mrs. Julia Hodgkinson “But we’ve always loved Julia’s class!” “What was wrong with what Mrs. Hodgkinson’s been doing till now?” “Maybe mediocre teachers need something like this, but not excellent ones!” The above are just some of the challenges parents and fellow Fuchs Mizrachi faculty raised this year […]

  • Powerful Projects

    Rebecca Berger

    Project-based learning (PBL), a pillar of Summit Learning, shifts learning from a teacher-driven endeavor to a student-driven enterprise. Scores on projects comprise 70% of a student’s course grade in most subject areas; concept units (40%) and projects (30%) comprise 70% of the grade in math courses. Schools that partner with the Summit Learning Program have […]

  • A Year In Review - Summit

    Erica Rubin

    Now that our school year is coming to an end, I can now truly understand the effectiveness of each unit in terms of the success each one had with the students’ acquiring and absorption of the subject material and accompanying skills.  I have to say, I am delightfully surprised at how well rounded my students’ […]

  • The Physical Torah

    Elliott Rabin

    When we talk about the Torah, we usually mean the spiritual Torah, the words, the laws, the stories, the teachings that it contains and the teachings that Jews have derived from it over the centuries. What we don’t usually mean by it is the material form of the Torah. The latter is the subject of […]