An Interview with Sixth Grade Team Leader, Mrs. Julia Hodgkinson

“But we’ve always loved Julia’s class!”
“What was wrong with what Mrs. Hodgkinson’s been doing till now?”
“Maybe mediocre teachers need something like this, but not excellent ones!”

The above are just some of the challenges parents and fellow Fuchs Mizrachi faculty raised this year as our 6th grade transitioned to working with Summit Learning. Indeed, Julia Hodgkinson is one of our school’s most beloved, well respected teacher who has been teaching for at Mizrachi for over a decade and has been in the field for more than double that. Her ability to connect, inspire, challenge and support Junior High students has become a cornerstone of our students’ Junior High experience. When we explored shifting to Summit Learning in an effort to achieve the goals I outlined in my last post, we knew that Julia’s buy in and enthusiasm for the move would be critical for the program’s success. As Sixth Grade Team Leader this year and Junior High General Studies Coordinator next year, Julia was charged with the challenging but invaluable role of Teacher-Leader. Working as a peer to coach and consul colleagues as well as assist school leadership in articulating our vision and problem solving with parents.

In the link below, I interview Julia about her experiences as a veteran teacher shifting both her own approach in the classroom and her role with other teachers. We discuss the expectations she had for our partnership with Summit, what worked, what was challenging and what she learned from what she describes as “the most reflective year I have ever experienced as a teacher.”
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Shifting to Summit: Veteran Teacher Reflections