In the first few years of schooling whether a child is not capable of remembering what they did at school or just doesn’t feel like passing out details when asked how their day at school was is a reality for many.  The AltSchool Platform has enabled us to give our families a meaningful look into our school day.  We have found our parents complimenting us on our communicative ability through the platform and thanking us for paving the way for a more in depth conversation surrounding what their child did in school that day or that week.

By “streaming” tidbits or glimpses into an experience, the parents are able to sit down with their child with the platform in front of them, show them the pictures and discuss what it is that they did that day.  Additionally, they are able to ask more in depth questions surrounding the experience having been provided with the basic information detailing the experience. We want our parents to continue to get more involved in their child’s learning.  Using technology to do so has created a deeper bond around their child’s learning journey.  We look to our AltSchool Platform engineers and educators to continue to develop the platform deepening the parent view possibilities and addressing their on-going requests for more information to be made visible.  The AltSchool team has been an incredible resource and pedagogical support to us!  We feel blessed to be a part of this initiative!

 Rachel Allen and Margie Zeskind