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One of the things PEJE learned from poring over 141 Challenge Award applications—Yes: 141!—is that there’s a considerable amount of innovation in the Jewish day school world. Schools are pushing themselves like never before to rethink their approach to development, admissions, and advocacy, with a clear eye on long-term financial sustainability.

Reading all the great work you’ve done, we thought, “Why aren’t schools doing more to make this public?” And then we realized: We can help publicize your efforts!

We want to work with you to create an online celebration of your innovation. This is a chance not just to get the word out to your online kehillah, but to step out in front of the entire field and show what great work you’ve done. To get you started, here are several ideas:

  1. Shoot a quick video, with your smartphone, of the happy person/people who drove your innovation project. Then email it to PEJE ( and we’ll share it with the entire field, via social media. (BTW: When we do post your stuff on the PEJE FB page, please encourage your community to visit and comment and in general show a lot of love.)
  2. And/Or … shoot a video of your school community lighting the menorah. Your innovations have brightened the Jewish day school field—let the light shine out!
  3. Write a blog post telling your Board, parents, and donors what you’ve been up to—and why. This will be a chance for you to go into the details of what made your project so great.  You’ve already put so much work into writing those award applications. Why not refashion them into a blog post! Psst: If we like what you’ve written, we may cross-post it on the PEJE Blog.
  4. Transform your post into an email blast. Not everyone in your world will be checking Facebook, so it’s a very good idea to, say, repurpose your blog post and send it off to the many in-boxes in your JDS community.
  5. For the Twitter-users out there: Post a series of celebratory tweets using the hashtag #jdsinnovation. I can see this leading to some interesting conversations! We see this as a way for all you innovators to meet each other: we’d love for you folks to compare notes and see what else we can learn.
  6. Innovation Celebration at NAJDS. Quite a few Challenge Award applicants will be attending the North American Jewish Day School conference, in Atlanta, next month. Please RSVP at Facebook page.  We can’t wait to make our first offline Challenge Award introductions.

Wait: Do you have an innovative idea about getting the word out? If so, what are you waiting for? Let’s hear about it in the Comments section!