6 Things to Know About Andrea Hernandez

  1. In 25 years as an educator, I have taught students of all ages, kindergarten through adult. My sweet spot for teaching kids is around 4th/5th grade, and I love working with teachers, too.
  2. I have a masters degree in education with a concentration in instructional technologies. What inspired me to get such degree was not, as is commonly assumed, a great appreciation for technology, but rather a great interest in what motivated my students.
  3. Along with Jon Mitzmacher and Silvia Tolisano, I co-created edJEWcon as a means of sharing school change processes, and providing a platform for transparent and connected learning with other Jewish day schools. edJEWcon has evolved and still continues to evolve.
  4. I started blogging about education in 2008. My first blog post ever was called A Sense of Urgency, and it was about getting started already (as a blogger). What I didn’t write in that post was that I thought all the “good blogs” had already been written, and I had nothing new to say. That seems really funny to me in 2017.
  5. I am the parent of a Jewish day school graduate and a current Jewish day school middle schooler. I have learned an incredible amount about Jewish day schools and about being Jewish in the last ten years. I feel so grateful for the opportunity and choice to give my children this wonderful and special education. You can read My JDS Story here.
  6. If I had to describe my educational philosophy in just two words, they would be “choice” and “voice.”