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With Pesach (Passover) right around the corner, we are entering a kind of liminal state of time. The Torah in Shemot (Exodus) tells us that Rosh Chodesh Nissan is the start of a new year, a true beginning. Just as teachers and parents alike might be starting to talk about the end of this school year, here is a signal about the year to come. Is it already time to think about to what the year ahead will bring?

It appears the answer is “yes,” this is the beginning of a new year. At day schools everywhere, (ideally) enrollment contracts for Fall 2018 are already in. Hopefully, it is possible to turn from anticipation of “who” will be in our schools, and begin to be replacing it with our plans for “what” will happen in our classrooms.

Amid the pre-Pesach preparation no doubt already underway, in one’s mind if not already in one’s kitchen cabinets, we are taking stock and ensuring we have all that we need to fulfill the commandments of Pesach in the coming weeks. For Prizmah, we are looking towards the new school year and the ways we help fill the figurative day school shelves with opportunities and resources to equip schools and their leaders to fulfill their critical missions. In this newsletter issue, I invite you to consider some of the services and programs currently available to school professionals and board members.

In recent months, we have been so grateful to all who have responded to our invitation to contribute to Prizmah’s Strategic Planning process.  We received an overwhelming response, reflecting the vibrancy, potential and, yes, challenges of the day school field. This input is invaluable as we work to shape Prizmah’s future. In keeping with the Pesach theme, your suggestions and ideas help us stock the cabinets and set the seder table.

As many teachers who rush from their classrooms to planning meetings know, there is an innate paradox in thinking about a new year before the current one has truly ended. Similarly, the story of Pesach pushes a nation of slaves to imagine the demands of freedom, and to very quickly enact principles and laws to govern a free and ethical people even while on the journey to the Promised Land.  From all of us at Prizmah, we wish you Chag Kasher Ve’sameach – a festive holiday with family and friends, retelling our foundational story of liberation. We hope to join you in celebrating a year to come, filled with opportunity.