This school year has been one of both personal and professional tremendous growth, enrichment, new experiences, and a connectivity to my 5th grade curriculum that I truly never experienced as a teacher before. And, I can say that the same is most likely true for my now former 5th grade students.  I truly believe that the Summit Learning Platform is the reason behind my great teaching experience this year. It allowed me to move beyond being just a teacher, but instead to become a true mentor, learning facilitator, and even learning partner with my students, or my boys as I would call them. And, now that I am moving on to a new role in my life, as a Rabbi and  Cantor, I am truly going to miss my Summit experience. However, I realized that the Summit Learning Platform is not just a platform that I could use at WTA, but one that perhaps I could bring to my new congregation and even possibly integrate into my Hebrew School, at which I will be heading.


You see, what I really understand about Summit now it that it truly is a platform – a platform that a teacher /principal/school leader can use for almost any curriculum and school setting. So, what I learned at WTA, I can now use and transfer at my new hebrew school setting. Summit is so adaptable, that one can truly fit and design Summit to be used to teach almost any curriculum. And that is the beauty of Summit – it is really the modus apparatus for a curriculum, not THE curriculum. It is used to implement what you want to teach, but in  an amazing, advanced, modern and cutting edge way – that , while teaching your students the curriculum or subject matter, also teaches them to be students, independent thinkers, and most importantly, trains them for the future – the future of college studies, the future of what their professional field will look like, amd the future of our culture – one where technology is now the norm in which we function, and one where it now becomes second nature to our students. This, the ability to prepare our students for the future of their world, is what summitt really is about.


This year, I taught ELA and SS. If you read my earlier posts, you would have seen that the method in which summit explores these subjects was with all encompassing projects. For example, in ELA, we studied america’s colonial history for much of the year, but through different projects such as letter writing, speech presentations, and various other research projects. In other words, ELA was approached in a 3-d manner, with the students learning in a creative and innovative way, while even roleplaying the lives of both early american colonists and the native americans. In SS, Summit approached such topics as world religions through research and blog writing, which my boys loved!


So, as first, with the realization that I will begin a new journey in my career, I thought that I will not have the opportunity to use Summit again. But now, with a true understanding of what Summit really is, I understand that it can be used in almost any academic or school setting. Summit can be used for almost any subject – from ELA, SS, Science, etc to languages, religious studies, etc. It is the flexibility of Summit that is its genius. Summit’s platform serves as the backbone for a school’s curriculum, and it can be molded and shaped for the school’s goals.


My plan as head of my new school is to take what I’ve learned about Summit and implement it there as well. Instead if missing Summit and all of the amazing benefits and experiences that come along with it, I now realize that Summit is transferable, portable, adaptable, and will hopefully come along with me to my new school and professional journey.