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My name is Yoni Yares and I am addicted to TedTalks. As a Marketing/Communications professional, I spend much of my time in front of a computer coming up with ways to engage someone and analyzing the behaviors of the people who receive our emails. Often time a brick wall will come in terms of a technical challenge or a vision not turning into a reality. When those moments come I must admit I turn to TedTalks to find inspiration, a laugh, or to reconnect with others who have overcome brick walls.

Here are my top 5 TedTalks which have inspired my work lately:

When was the last time you thanked someone who changed your life? My life was changed by my 10thgrade English teacher Greg Gagliardi, who I only had because I had to change into a different math class. When I shared this TedTalk on Facebook I was able to tag him and share our lollipop moment. Learn how you too are an everyday leader:

We have all struggled with procrastination and have likely pulled an all nighter at some point in our lives. Learn how this led Tim Urban to find success.

Admit it, we have all wanted to reply to a spam email at some point. James Veitch does this and you laugh along.

A follow up to his viral TedTalk, James Veitch explores trying to unsubscribe from an email. As someone who is in charge of sending out Prizmah’s eblasts, this TedTalk brings me great joy.

Another confession I am addicted to Shondaland on ABC. I have watched almost every episode of her various TV shows. I struggle with saying no, I found this talk fascinating to hear from someone who struggled with saying Yes.

The power of TedTalks for me is that it enables stories to be told in mass but yet still feel personally connected to the speaker. Yes, it is ironic that two of most recent TedTalk involve spam and trying to unsubscribe from email blasts!  When you get stuck find something that inspires you and then get back to work!

Yoni Yares is Prizmah’s MarComm Coordinator and currently lives just outside of Cleveland. Please consider sharing your favorite TedTalk with Yoni by emailing him at