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What would it look like if Jewish educators had deeply personal Chanukah conversations over the next eight days?  Eight prompts based on some of our tradition’s powerful Chanukah lessons can be found below. This blog is written for school-based educators. Not based in a school? No worries. Just switch out the word “school” for your own context. Wishes to all of you for a Chanukah filled with light.

First Candle: Heroism

Choose one of your Jewish education heroes and tell us what their heroism means to you.

Photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash

Second Candle: Power and Powerlessness

What is one way that your school is teaching students to be Jewishly rooted upstanders, rather than bystanders? Feel free to respond with a description of a program in your school, a Jewish source that you use in this context, a lesson plan, copy of a drasha you gave, a professional development program you ran, etc.

*image c/o The Bully Project

Third Candle: It’s All Greek to Me

What are some of the best resources that you’ve used as a school leader, which are offered/curated/developed from outside the Jewish community?  Or, framed a different way, if a principal from another school reached out and asked for a recommendation about one program/blog/book/site visit/conference, etc that changed the way you function as a school leader, what would it be? Please add a one sentence description of the resource and its potential impact!

Fourth Candle: Search for Light in Dark Times

What’s one ray of light that you’ve seen in your work during a tough time this year?

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Fifth Candle: Resilience

What are some of the greatest challenges you’re facing as a Jewish educator today and what would it take to overcome them?

Sixth Candle: Yehudit and Women’s Leadership

Part of the Maccabean victory is attributed to the leadership of Yehudit, but very few people know her story. Tell us about the unsung heroes in your school.

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Seventh Candle: Pirsumay Nisa
Publicizing the Miracle

What are some ways that your school community is shining its light on the greater community in which you’re located?

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

Eighth Candle: One Flask of Oil Lasted for Eight Days

Tell us a story of one time that you saw the hand of God in your work as a Jewish educator.

Photo by Rina Miele on Unsplash