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Applications invited:

DSLTI is a pluralistic leadership-development program that offers a cutting-edge curriculum, personalized mentoring, and interactive, authentic learning experiences. The institute produces a cadre of outstanding Jewish educational leaders who are poised to inspire excellence in the day schools they serve and who support each other throughout their careers.

We are looking for Heads of School in their first three years and other senior leaders who are ready to take on the challenges and rewards of day school headship within five years. Candidates must demonstrate proven leadership ability, a commitment to Jewish values, and a strong educational background.

The program runs fifteen months, from May 2011 to July 2012, and consists of two consecutive, three-week summer sessions and two retreats during the intervening school year. The tuition, room, and board costs $58,000 per participant and is fully funded by generous fellowships from the AVI CHAI Foundation and The Jewish Theological Seminary. (Fellows are responsible only for transportation costs, course materials, and some meals.)

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Please contact Fran Urman at or (212) 678-8041