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Please join Prizmah and other fellow Jewish educators at the 2018 ISTE conference. There are a number of Jewish day school-related learning opportunities that we are excited to highlight

  • The Jewish Educators Network will be meeting at ISTE this year on Monday, June 25 from 5:30-7:00PM. This is an opportunity for educators at Jewish day schools to reflect on best practices, share personal experiences, and network together about how best to integrate technology into Jewish education.
    • Click here to register for the Jewish Educators Network meeting at ISTE program.
  • Click here for a form where you can pre-register for the meet-up, sign up for minyanim, and present a proposal for an Ignite session of EdTech playground item at the program.
  • Michael Cohen, Director of Innovation at YULA Boys HS will be one of the keynote speakers.
  • The following sessions are being given by staff members from the following Jewish day schools (links go to the session descriptions):
  • Plus, the AVI CHAI Foundation is sponsoring kosher food throughout the event. Click here to learn more.