by Rachel Allen, Kindergarten Educator

Having technology such as the ALT platform has allowed us to implement skills and strategies for the students to grow their sense of agency, that we may have missed had we not introduced this element. Within an experience, learners are asked to reflect on their work and consider all they have learned in order to assess themselves. With the Student Capture App, the learners are able to take a picture of their work and rate it on a scale of 1 to 3 stars. This allows them to take a good look at what they have completed and compare this sample to work they have completed in the past. It is important for a child to have a sense of confidence when it comes to their abilities but it is a long road to get there.

With the Capture App, the students continuously build their confidence in their abilities, paving the way for them to take on more challenges as they learn and grow. We have had learners assessing their own work in the past,  but some things were lost in the process. This is where something tangible comes into play. Children learn through their senses and being able to see something, and touch it to manipulate it, resulting in a new visual. This helps them convert this to memory within their minds. This connection between physical senses and intrinsic knowledge strengthens as they build their sense of accountability and ultimately agency.

To us, using something that is very relevant in their lives creates a deeper connection between their life in school and their life at home as well. The children in this community are very familiar with technology and most have iPads they use at home. Providing something familiar and gearing it towards their learning, has proved to be a beneficial addition to our classroom this year. We’ve noticed boosts of confidence when they get to tap the third star, building a stronger sense of pride in themselves, a crucial skill necessary for education throughout the rest of their school years. We can only hope that these skills transfer to their experience with technology outside of school, and continue to grow their senses of confidence, accountability and agency, taking charge of their own learning.