As the school year came to a close, I was asked by our AltSchool’s Partner Success Lead to think about goals for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year. One of the many benefits of working with AltSchool is being part of a learning community. In addition to using the platform, I also meet on google hangouts with our partner success lead monthly to work through anything: platform related, best practices or just education in general and have formed a comfortable, effective working relationship. After listening and asking clarifying questions about the goals, we narrowed ideas down.The Partner Success Lead then worked with the Head of Partnerships for Jewish Day Schools to organize my thoughts and share them back to me in a presentation. We went through the presentation together and I edited a few ideas. We created an organizational chart that states the goals for the upcoming school year, strategies to carry out the goals, and a timeline. As a new school with a small leadership team, it helps to have the backing and strength of a company made up of researchers, educators, and technicians.

We also spoke about updates to the platform based on feedback from the educators who use the tools daily. It was impressive to see our ideas become real changes moving forward. There will also be some changes made to the platform just for our school based off of our needs. For example, many of our parents have a hard time understanding and seeing the benefits of the progress reports we have been using to assess our learners. The AltSchool team shared some resources and as I think this through during the summer, we will work together to create something that can work better for our teachers and families. Beyond the relationships I have formed with the dedicated people from AltSchool, I have also been connected to many school leaders who are part of the AltSchool network. I feel that these relationships are part of the company’s success and is one of the most beneficial reasons for partnering with them. Obviously the platform itself was the reason for our initial partnership, but the added bonus of partnering with such dedicated and forward thinking professionals has proven to be invaluable.