This blog is a place for educators to share their experiences piloting new platforms in their Jewish day schools. These platforms, Summit Learning and AltSchool, offer web-based management systems that claim to make learning more personalized, skills-based and self-motivated. For schools who are seeking to learn more about these and similar tools, we hope this blog will provide genuine, field-tested information that will be helpful to you as you navigate the decision-making, as well as the implementation process, should you choose to pilot one of these platforms.

For the blogger-educators who are sharing their experience, this blog provides an opportunity to reflect on what they are learning as they navigate a new teaching platform. In what ways must the role of a teacher change as the classroom evolves? What are the challenges of using such a platform and how is the school addressing those challenges as they arise? What are the pros and cons as pertains to student learning? These questions and more will be addressed here.

Each school involved in the project has selected a project documentarian who will blog regularly, openly and reflectively. This is their platform to share their experiences, not with any lens of marketing the program nor shining a light on their own school. We hope this will be of benefit and invite you to engage in discussion by commenting on posts.

Schools, Platforms, and Project Documentarians


This project is generously funded by the AVI CHAI foundation as part of their work to advance opportunities for Jewish day schools to provide high-quality, affordable educational options to best meet the needs of students.