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I have a new favorite line I use with my three sons: “Help me help you.”

Here’s how I use it:

“Aaron, I want to take you to baseball tonight. Help me help you by getting your homework done!”


“Jonah, I want to have all 29 neighborhood boys over on Shabbat, the day of rest. Help me help you by picking up your dirty laundry off the floor!”

Passive-aggressive? Maybe. Manipulative? Probably. Successful? Most definitely.

There’s no doubt about it: Outcome-oriented direction helps my three boys stay focused. If they know exactly why they were assigned a task there’s a greater chance they will  follow through. Believe me, it sure beats the old standby: “Because I said to do it!”

I like this “Help me help you” tactic so much that I’m going to try it on all of you out there in Jewish day school cyberspace.

Help Me Help You        

How can you help me?

By filling out your school’s JData profile form.

I’m thankful that so many of you reach out to me in your quest for useful information about the day school field. Here, for instance, are some of your most recent questions:

  • What should my school’s annual campaign goal be as compared to our total annual budget?
  • Are any other schools raising $2 million annually?
  • If my school has a full-time development professional, will we raise more money?
  • What percentage of the annual campaign dollars should come from Alumni?  Grandparents? The Board?
  • How many schools really have 100% Board giving?
  • How many schools have Board Members who do solicitations?

How can I help you?

If you fill out your school’s JData profile, you will soon be able to access all this information—and then some. As you may know, PEJE recently partnered with JData to better serve the data reporting and analysis needs for Jewish day schools. As in my parenting example above, I don’t want to tell you, “Just do it.” I understand that entering data can be time consuming. However, I do want to help you grapple with all sorts of benchmarking information. Problem is, I can only do that when the data is in!

The good news: We already have lots of data from those of you who have filled out school profiles. In the days and weeks ahead, I will begin posting some of our early findings on the PEJE Facebook page. Check it out!

Do you have questions about how to start your school’s profile? Join a JData “Getting Started” webinar. Do you have a question for me? Write a response in the Comments section and let me know!