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Sooner or later, every day school professional has to deliver the Elevator Pitch.

You know, the efficient, brief story designed to enchant a prospective donor (or parent or Board member) into saying YES to your JDS.

The problem with pitching: It’s impossible to see yourself in action. JDS pitches are usually private affairs, just between you and, say, the would-be donor. There is no footage to be reviewed in the after-game analysis. Who can remember exactly what was said, let alone how you looked or if you delivered a compelling pitch.

Until now.

We are offering you, at the 2012 North American Jewish Day School Conference, the rare opportunity to get a good look at your pitching style and some informed feedback from your own personal pitching coach. That is, a seasoned day school professional with enough experience to say what is and isn’t a persuasive verbal proposal. We call it the PEJE Pitch Slam. (Turns out, some joker went and made an animation about said Pitch Slam!)

Here’s how it will work…

You’ll sign up at the PEJE booth for a slot.

At the allotted time, you’ll meet with our videographer and the two of your will adjoin to—where else?—the elevator. Then you will record your pitch. Afterwards, a PEJE pitching coach will assess your skills.

Now, for those of you who are interested but aren’t sure what goes into a good presentation, think of the following as you prepare your pitch:

  1. Be concise. Shouldn’t take more than a minute. Time yourself.
  2. Be honest. There’s no room in the elevator for phoniness. Stick to the facts. 
  3. Be excited. You’re trying to drum up interest here. Now is the time to showcase your enthusiasm.
  4. Be targeted. If you’re talking to, say, an Israeli who believes in the centrality of Hebrew language skills, perhaps deliver your pitch in Ivrit. Don’t sell someone on your school’s social action work if they’re really focused on instilling a sense of Jewish history in kids.
  5. Be proud. You’re pitching for a great cause: Jewish education!


If you’d like to throw your hat into Pitch Slam ring, send us an email to reserve your place in the elevator!