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To the Jewish Day School Field:

With deep respect and admiration for her work, I am writing to let you know that Amy Katz will be transitioning out of PEJE’s Executive Director position this spring after more than a decade of service to PEJE. Even as she moves on to explore new opportunities, we are thrilled that Amy will continue to represent PEJE around the collaboration table as we and the four Jewish day school networks, under the leadership of The AVI CHAI Foundation, consider and develop a new model of serving the Jewish day school field.

In her leadership of the organization over the last four years, Amy has positioned PEJE as the recognized field leader in sustainability and affordability, both critical to the future of vibrant Jewish day schools.

Amy’s accomplishments are many. She created and nurtured productive partnerships and collaborations with communities, day schools, federations, central agencies, the day school networks, national Jewish agencies, and foundations critical to PEJE’s success. She positioned PEJE to be worthy to receive major grants from large foundations, thereby increasing the organization’s ability to service the field. Under Amy’s able direction, PEJE developed and provided the field with rich learning and networking opportunities, as well as unparalleled expertise, thought leadership, and knowledge resources. PEJE remains a central address for day schools and communities seeking guidance and solutions for today’s challenges.

Perhaps most importantly, under her guidance, PEJE’s stellar staff helped bring the issue of day school endowments to prominence. Prior to PEJE’s groundbreaking Generations program, Jewish day school endowments were practically non-existent. This pioneering program has already helped participating schools raise $38 million in endowment funds and has planted seeds for increased investment that will help sustain schools for generations to come.

The Board and I look forward to naming Amy’s successor in the near future. We are confident that our next leader will continue to guide PEJE from strength to strength.

Please join me in thanking Amy for her many years of service to PEJE and the Jewish day school field, and in wishing Amy success and happiness as she takes her next professional step. We are deeply grateful for her leadership, creativity, passion, and commitment to PEJE and Jewish day schools across North America.

B’kavod (with respect)

Michael J. Bohnen
Co-Chair, PEJE Board