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Let’s say you have a donor (let’s call her Ms. Levi) who has been giving to your Jewish Day School for many years. You are going to be seeing Ms. Levi in a a social setting; you want to explore her interest in making a future gift to your school. How do you start that conversation?

Here are 5 examples of Endowment Conversation Starters:

1. What was the most impactful Jewish experience you had growing up?
2. Can you tell me how you feel when you walk into our school?
3. When you think about the support you give to our school, what strikes you as most important or meaningful?
4. What do you think our greatest long term priority for our day school should be?
5. What do you want to be known for?

Can you see how these Endowment Conversation Starters can inspire more thoughtful discussions on how you and Ms. Levi can work together to plan for the future of your school?

Watch this space for more examples of Endowment Conversation Starters. A full Endowment Chat Pack is being developed for our Generations Day School Endowment and Legacy Institute being held in Los Angeles this May. Stay tuned!