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It is believed that adult learners lose most of what they learn during short time periods, like a conference, within 90 days of the learning experience. You don’t have much time left to forget what you learned at our July GFA Conference!!
I’d like to give our conference learning a fighting chance for increased longevity by helping you brush up on your learning in St. Louis but also offer some hope and guidance on how you can take action as result of your learning.

We did a lot of sharing.
Many of you got new ideas that can be adapted for your school. Have you followed up with a peer presenter to learn more about how the idea was executed? TIME TO BE IN TOUCH WITH THAT SCHOOL. Get that phone number to the top of your to-do list.

We did a lot of learning.
Now that you know about the Triple A paradigm, have you begun your action plan to implement this thinking into your board’s work? It’s not enough to teach your board what you have learned about Triple A but rather to work to apply the principles and track the progress of integrating this conceptual framework. Use your coach to define where you want to be and HOW you want to get there.
Now that you have talked about your frustrations about your specific role in governance and fundraising, have you thought about how you can define some actionable items that foster greater communication between and among all professional and lay leader stakeholders? Talk it over with your coach.
Now that you have a guide for evaluating your Annual Campaign, have you begun the process to do so? If you have, do you have the evaluation on the agenda of your next Development Committee meeting and Board meeting?
Now that you garnered some ideas about how to advance your relationships with your Federations and foundation funders, what’s your next MOVE to advance and deepen those relationships? Have you created a plan over the continuum of this coming year or just planned one move? Moves Management requires a planning process over time. Go for it!
Now that you have some data about data, have you downloaded the Idealware study and learned more about what will software was meant for you and why?  Or if you’re confident with your software, how do you go deeper and use it to the max to manage relationships?

Now that you learned how one school approaches building an endowment, are you ready to introduce the conversation to your Board?

Now that you’ve heard some answers to your colleagues’ “burning questions,” how have you used the answers to help guide your work?  If still have burning questions, what are your plans to get them answered?!  Try your coach, for starters!

We shared.  We learned.  We identified opportunities and hopefully provided some inspiration.  Now is your time to plan, act, implement, study and sustain your learning.  We are all here to help each other!