Two Teachers Show Notes

Exploring the Outside as a Classroom

Vernal Pond at Gesher JDS, Fairfax,VAOutside Matzah oven at Maimonides School in Santiago, Chile.

Using the forest as the classroom at Gesher JDS in Fairfax VA


Creating outdoor learning environments at Striar Hebrew Academy

What we are reading….

Shira is reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Rebecca Skloot

Yehudah is reading Thomas Jefferson, The Art of Power, Jon Meacham

Melanie is reading The Innovator’s Mindset, George Couros and the Feedback Fix, Joe Hirsch

Resources on Outside Classrooms

Kids Should Play Outside 3 Hours Every day

Why Sticks are Good

Taking Learning Outside

Playgrounds No Longer in Sync with our Understanding of Play


Resources on Rewards

Alfie Kohn, Beyond Discipline 

Alfie Kohn, The Risks of Rewards

Ruth Charney, Teaching Children to Care

  Teaching Without Using Rewards

Two Teachers, Three Questions

Leaders of Their Own Learning: Transforming Schools Through Student- Engagement ActivitiesRon Berger

The Power of PatienceJennifer Roberts

When am I Ever Going to Use This? (Teaching Channel video)

Exit Tickets in Math (Teaching Channel video)

To Give Homework or Not to Give Homework

Alfie Kohn–The Homework Myth

NY Times Ban on Homework– From the Alfie Kohn book

Why Don’t Students Like School? Daniel Willingham

Is It the End of Math Homework?

A Little Help with your Homework

The Man from the Train 

Charlotte Danielson on Teacher Leadership


Shira’s Resources

The Culture Code

Service Learning  

Building a Company of Citizens

Melanie’s Resources

Why Fly That Way


Classroom Discussions

Austin’s Butterfly

Peer Feedback in K