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  • There is a Price to Pay for Having a Price to Pay: Where Should Innovation Live in the Jewish Day School Ecosystem?

    Jon Mitzmacher

    When you live your life by the school calendar – as I have only ever done – you know that we are in the season for closings and openings.  The period of the omer in many Jewish day schools is not simply the counting up from Passover to Shavuot; it is often the mad rush to do […]

  • The Heroic Article

    Elliott Rabin

    In his classic study The Hero with a Thousand Faces from the mid-20th Century, Joseph Campbell describes patterns of behavior and character that are found among heroes of all cultures around the world. Here is his summary of the “monomyth,” the universal story, of the human hero: A hero ventures forth from the world of […]

  • You Are the Future: A Yom HaShoah Insight on Day School Investment

    Jim Blankstein

    (Original publish date, April 23rd, 2012) The other day I spent $100,000 (ok, so I spend it over the last nine years on tuition) for my son to learn four words. And I was glad to do so. Let me start at the beginning… last week was Yom Hashoah and The Rashi School, where my […]

  • Schools Are For Humans

    Shira Heller

    Well, that’s obvious! If I say schools are for humans, you may think I’m wasting my breath. Who (or what) else would school be for? But from what I’ve seen, I think it can’t be said enough. Sometimes, in an effort to build an institution, to articulate a value proposition, maintain standards, ensure a rigorous […]

  • The Hardest Conversation: Dismissing Faculty and Staff

    Maccabbee Avishur

    I remember still a challenging situation from over a decade ago. On my staff was a veteran faculty member who had been teaching at the school longer than either the Head of School or I, as Director of Judaics, had been involved in education—combined! But her effectiveness in the classroom had declined significantly, and she […]

  • Using Design Thinking to Create the #Prizmah17 Playground

    Andrea Hernandez

    In planning the #Prizmah17 Playground we started, basically, from scratch. We knew the playground would be the “innovation space,” but what exactly did that mean? We had the good fortune to be able to partner with educational design team Wonder By Design in order to think through our ideas as well as to turn those ideas into reality. Image […]