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  • Adaptive Technology Design Challenge at JCDS Boston

    Guest Voices

    By: Nadav, JCDS 7th grader As part of the Jewish Community Day School’s annual STEM Day we held an Adaptive Technology Design Challenge. First we met with Mohammad Sayed, who has been wheelchair-bound since his childhood in Afghanistan. He now lives in the U.S. and is doing his best to help other people in wheelchairs. […]

  • Innovation Is…An Interview with Diane Taub & Ilana Traub

    Andrea Hernandez

    For this interview, I spoke with Diane Taub, Technology Coordinator and Ilana Traub, Media and Technology Specialist at Lehrman Community Day School in Miami, Florida. Lehrman, a pluralistic day school in Miami Beach, serves 465 students from early childhood through 5th grade. I had heard that these two colleagues are so in sync with each […]

  • Innovation Is… An Interview with Michael Hyde

    Andrea Hernandez

    Introducing: Innovation Is… a new blog series whose mission is to shine the spotlight on the inspiring, innovative work happening at Jewish day schools. An enormous “thank you” to Michael Hyde, for being our first featured innovator. Michael is the STEAM and Maker Integrator at Portland Jewish Academy, where he works with teachers and students […]

  • This I Believe About School Innovation

    Andrea Hernandez

    I have struggled for a long while with the term “innovation” as relates to schools. I feel that the term itself is fraught with potential for misunderstanding and talking at cross purposes. Instead of continuing to avoid using the term innovation, I’ve decided to embrace it by using this blog to thoroughly explore school innovation. […]

  • Using Ed Tech to Create Jewish Ambassadors

    Andrea Hernandez

    In March of this year, the Jim Joseph Foundation together with the William Davidson Foundation, shared Smart Money: Recommendations for an Educational Technology and Digital Investment Strategy. The report is extremely comprehensive and considers the entire spectrum of Jewish learning as relates to educational technology. It provides recommendations for funders and compiles an overview of the current ed […]

  • Building Community One Ladle at a Time

    Melanie Eisen

    I recently had the opportunity to participate in a DC Soup meet up. I read about DC Soup in a Washington Post article in April. The idea is to bring local educators together with community members and supporters of teachers for an evening of sharing and funding. The admission price is $10 plus either soup, […]

  • Trifurcation: Three Paths Forward From “Innovation Alley”

    Jon Mitzmacher

    As I linger one last time in Innovation Alley, permit me the opportunity to bookend this blog post with a few, brief personal thoughts… What a blessing these last four crazy years of professional life has been for me!  Truly.  From a headship I treasured at the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School, to an executive directorship […]

  • Innovators, Find Your Tribe!

    Andrea Hernandez

    Somehow, in the course of my career as an educator, I became known as an “innovator.” [I even have certification from Google as such]. Exhibit A My secret is this: I never thought of, or think of, myself as innovative. I’m amazed by other people’s innovative ideas and solutions, but I am simply passionate about […]

  • There is a Price to Pay for Having a Price to Pay: Where Should Innovation Live in the Jewish Day School Ecosystem?

    Jon Mitzmacher

    When you live your life by the school calendar – as I have only ever done – you know that we are in the season for closings and openings.  The period of the omer in many Jewish day schools is not simply the counting up from Passover to Shavuot; it is often the mad rush to do […]

  • The Heroic Article

    Elliott Rabin

    In his classic study The Hero with a Thousand Faces from the mid-20th Century, Joseph Campbell describes patterns of behavior and character that are found among heroes of all cultures around the world. Here is his summary of the “monomyth,” the universal story, of the human hero: A hero ventures forth from the world of […]

  • Educational Excellence Requires Transparent Learning for All

    Andrea Hernandez

    When entities merge and converge, as is the case with Prizmah, there is bound to be some confusion. Who’s who? What’s what? Building a new organization, not from scratch but from the pieces, programs and expertise of several legacy organizations, is a process. It takes time to clarify goals and direction, to get everyone rowing in the […]

  • Educational Excellence Requires Transparent Learning

    Andrea Hernandez

    When entities merge and converge, as is the case with Prizmah, there is bound to be some confusion. Who’s who? What’s what? Building a new organization, not from scratch but from the pieces, programs and expertise of several legacy organizations, is a process. It takes time to clarify goals and direction, to get everyone rowing in the […]

  • 10 Quotes to Inspire Innovation in Education

    Jon Mitzmacher

    “In quoting others, we cite ourselves.” ― Julio Cortázar, Around the Day in Eighty Worlds As we (Prizmah) continue to work on our plans for next year, which we look forward to sharing out upon readiness – and I look forward to discussing its connection to ongoing activity in the innovation space as discussed previously […]

  • Which One Does Not Belong?

    Melanie Eisen

    I am an avid shopper on Amazon Prime- especially when it comes to children’s books. I believe the secrets to happiness and health can be found in children’s books. I also believe that the foundation for amazing PD can be found in these colorful pages. My latest acquisition is no exception. Christopher Danielson uses the […]

  • What Kind of Thinking Inspires Innovation?

    Andrea Hernandez

    As promised in my last post, about the #Prizmah17 Playground as a whole, this post will focus on the playground area known as the Think Studio. The Think Studio was created in order to provide a space for design thinking, an iterative process that brings people together to bounce ideas in response to a large, open-ended […]

  • Using Design Thinking to Create the #Prizmah17 Playground

    Andrea Hernandez

    In planning the #Prizmah17 Playground we started, basically, from scratch. We knew the playground would be the “innovation space,” but what exactly did that mean? We had the good fortune to be able to partner with educational design team Wonder By Design in order to think through our ideas as well as to turn those ideas into reality. Image […]

  • The Story of #Prizmah17 #Playground

    Jon Mitzmacher

    It has just been a few days since returning from Chicago, but I am still thinking and reflecting on all that took place… There will be other reflections to be shared about the overall experience, but my piece of #Prizmah17 was the “Playground” and what I want to do first is use one of my […]

  • #Prizmah17 Excursion to Academy for Global Citizenship

    Andrea Hernandez

    In 2010, at the ISTE Conference in Denver, I got a spot at the TEDxDenver Ed Conference where I saw Sarah Elizabeth Ippel’s TED Talk, “This is Ann.” In it, she tells the story of founding the Academy for Global Citizenship. In a night of amazing and inspiring speakers, she was one of my favorites, and […]

  • Elephants in Rooms & From Playgrounds to Planning

    Jon Mitzmacher

    Well that was quick and interesting timing! I can assure you that sharing out with the field the relaunch of my blog at Prizmah and the news that I would be leaving Prizmah at the end of this school/fiscal year at almost the same time was a mere quirk of happenstance and the joys of […]